. . . . . I am 37 year old, native of City Island, a small fishing and boating community in the Bronx. I am a well known, well respected member of this tight knit community. I’m also the third generation to carry on my family’s business. I’ve been an active board member of the City Island Theater Group. I have devoted thousands of hours to raising money for various charities, youth organizations, feeding the needy, and supporting my local community. In 2004 I was honored with the very prestigious Catherine Scott award for my enthusiasm and dedication to improving and strengthening this community.

. . . . . I have created and preformed in City Island Community Centers annual Halloween Haunted House for several years. My terrifying and ghoulish creations have become a City Island tradition frightening children and adults alike. The haunted house attracts not only the locals but its popularity has spread to off islanders as well.

Some of my original, handmade costumes are a staple of the annual City Island Halloween parade.  Outrageous, over the top designs are marveled at by spectators every year. Whether im walking in stilts, huge horns or a metal link warrior vest no onlooker will ever be disappointed on Halloween. I’ve won several costume contests over the years and many of my ensembles have been photographed and featured in The Island Current, The Bronx Times Reporter, as well as The Village Voice.

. . . . . Me as an artist, my creativity and originality are endless. Some of my own life experiences have fine tuned and shaped my vision as a true artist. I draw upon a well of emotion that is deep within and what comes out on canvas is a mind blowing journey of the senses. My color palate is never cautious but rather bold and meticulous. Having no formal artistic training, my skill level is that of a true progressive and bordering on master painter. My use of textures is modern and creates a sense of movement that draws you in and makes you want to play.

. . . . . Whether working large scale or small scale, each painting consumes the observer, body and soul. My work is acid and sugar, endless yet finite, playful behind a subtle pain. Each work takes you for a ride and at the end whether you are exhilarated or nauseated, you are always left wanting more. I never stop working. I’m always producing a new series of paintings or developing ideas for future projects.